Monday, August 23, 2010

I do believe that my child is a bit stubborn

My daughter Jessica is a really sweet child, she doesn't need correction very often-- she is very flexible and eager to please. Today, she wasn't herself. I saw her drink milk outta the jug, I also saw her stomp her foot when I requested that she start the washing machine. And then...
Right before dinner, she decided to go outside with her brother and pick blackberries-- she took the time to ask if she could, then she took the time to change her shoes. She then went outside and picked blackberries-
A while later she came in the house, almost was in tears-- her WHITE  Tank top had berry juice all over it. (This is at least the SECOND time this summer that she has worn white to pick blackberries)
She seemed upset with me that I had "let" her wear her shirt outside. Then when I started to explain to Jessica that she was the one who choose to wear her WHITE shirt to pick  blackberries-- she stopped talking and gave me a look that said, You are wrong, I'm right and I am not going to listen to you.
 OooooooOOO, mama~  I was not happy.
She ended up leaving the house in a huff and crying....
And then...
Shane came in and calmly told me that I wasn't very nice to Jessica and that what I said was a lie.
I replied, "Thank you for coming in and supporting your sister, Shane, but she is wrong and I guess we will talk about it later."
Jessica came back in -- crying and convinced that she was not being heard~. 
 I let her talk for a few moments, but that child.... she was still convinced that it wasn't her fault that she made a mistake and got blackberries on her shirt.
Finally-- I said  go outside and think about what I said... I will call you for dinner.
So, I called the kids in and gathered them together, Shane was still sticking by his sister-- convinced that I was being a meany mom ! Jessica was still acting defiant and stubborn.--
I explained how happy I was that she had asked to go outside,  and how she had choose to put on different shoes-- I then went on to explain that her bad choice, created the consequence of yet another stained WHITE shirt.   I seemed to be pedaling in quicksand...  Finally I said, Jessica if you would of worn blue to go pick berries, would any of this tears and anger happened?-- she shook her head and whined... no....!
Poor girl, she just hates it when Mom is right!

We were able to kiss hug and make up...


Anonymous said...

LOL almost sounds like puberty is starting to kick in already....! No I did NOT say that. Love you Stace. Me

Flo said...

the beauty of grandparenting..any altercation..hand em back to mama..haha.

HennHouse said...

Anytime Isaiah gets stubborn like that, I just resort to my one-word answers like "Bummer."