Monday, June 7, 2010

Weather, shmeather--

look the kids are creating a castle with the sand

daddy made the kite Jessica is working with and Shane created his own
homemade kites in the front yard
The date stamp proves...
that we did have pretty blue skies
for a short time on 6-5-09~
I must remember this--
because the weather has been SO rainy
that I am afraid my brain might be waterlogged!
Shane got some (sensory) sand time in a a local park... thanks to sisters' gardening tools! The weather has been very weird here in Oregon, rainy~ sunny, hard rain, soft rain, grey skies, rain-the sun peeking through, humid rain... did I mention the rain? Since it was nice for a bit ~ I wanted to take advantage -- We only stayed for about 45minutes but the kids were VERY happy to just be out of the house !

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Heather B said...

Yea for sun!!!! hope it comes around a little more often??