Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shane got a Roadrunner Award!

Mrs.K and Miss H-- such patient caring teachers-- I REALLY appreciate their hard work!
This is Shane's teacher with the microphone, Shane and then the student teacher--

Shane got an AWARD in front of the WHOLE school for encouraging others to learn new technology! (There were other students who also got awards-- but this was really heart felt!)

Shane commented after he was sitting down and waiting for the other kids to get their awards-- "Geez... I got an award and I only got this piece of paper-- well blah... " --

He is SO used to getting tangible rewards-- that I think a piece of paper-- was not as stunning.

I however am VERY proud of Shane I know that his teacher didn't just give him an award out of obligation -- she gave it to him because he really has done well. (Such a HUGE difference from last year....HUGE!)

{The pictures did not turn out very well... I need to figure out how to do a better job of taking pictures in the gym-- the lighting is hard to manage...}

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Caitlin Wray said...

Awesome Stacey!!!! I love hearing about proud mama moments - our kids deserve them, and so do we! What a unique and meaningful award too - I'm planning a post soon on technology - if you have any info you think would be good to share, please send me an email (contactr button on my blog).

I also laughed at your son's reaction - Simon would have said EXACTLY the same thing!!