Thursday, June 3, 2010

Conflict Resolution

My daughter is very-- much like her Mommy-- she doesn't like conflict and she is often willing to give in --so that the conflict doesn't get out of hand.

My son is very good at requesting -- he enjoys using his words to get his point across and if you aren't paying him enough...attention~ he will hug you until you either submit-- or someone else is near enough to hug.

I know these are mostly sensory related ways that Shane deals with us-- and as long as Shane is respectful to who, and how hard he is hugging -- then I often let him continue to hug-- but it is funny to hear the kids play-- and how they both deal with the issue of conflict resolution.

I was sitting here reading blog posts and listening to the kids interact-- They were saying things so quickly I wasn't able to type while they were talking/arguing... but it was funny.
I want to find a way to record them-- without them knowing~ so that I can share the fun way that they choose to deal with conflict resolution. :)

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Heather B said...

My boys are the same way! I love to listen to them try to out manipulate each other in any given situation. Most days they are too smart for my own good!!!