Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reading online...

Sent to my local professional...

.I was reading online, again and I came across this...
and I was wondering what you thought-- cause I was stumped at what this article might mean or not mean...!


You, online? No, tell me it isn't so! :-)

Actually, I would say it doesn't mean much - and not just because it is a very small sample size study with questionable research design. Since the term sensory processing disorder was created by the Occupational Therapy community (and is not referenced in the universally accepted diagnostic manuals), it is open to interpretation as to whether a student "has" or "doesn't" have SPD. At the least, they mention that (at the bottom). These studies are very limited with regard to us normal people trying to generalize or learn anything from the results.
Keep a lookin'!


Justin Potts, MS NCSP
School Psychologist

So anyway... I just wanted to share!

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