Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last Day of School!

Jessica got to pick some of our neighbors' strawberries--            this one looked like a heart!    
Shane and Jessica were tired of Mommy talking
to staff and saying goodbyes.... so they shared how they were feeling...  (the little worms!) 

This is one of our favorite teachers-- she is the maker of those really cool emotion cards- see this post: Our Weekend  - she is also moving away to Pennsylvania so-- if you live in Pennsylvania let me know ! Shane and Miss R. were able to connect on a cellular level--which made things so much smoother!

When we send out kids to school we hope, and pray  so much for that special someone who understands our kiddo, we want that special someone to value our child just as much as we do-- Well, this sweet,funny,smart,diplomatic teacher did all those things and more! :)
Just last night Shane wanted our family to move to Pennsylvania ! When I said that was not possible, he then asked if he could fit in Miss R's suitcase! awwww-- 

It was a long day for all of us-- Jerry and his brother are fishing for sturgeon and salmon in Portland, that means they will be gone all day long--.  I went with my Aunt to mow grass and walk-- then I went back to the school to help Jessica's teacher move her classroom--. It was really nice to do something to help Jessica's teacher- I don't think that the majority of parents' realize just how much teachers do to mold our kids. Jessica's teacher has helped Jessica be less emotional and more thoughtful in her comments. It's like she sprinkled Jessica with magic fairy dust that helped Jessica mature with out any growing pains! Marvelous!  Simply Marvelous!

 This is Shane and Jessica back to back on the last day of school-- I was going to recreate the picture from my sidebar... but I realized that some of their clothes from that picture were dirty! darn it...
So many changes occurred with the kids this year, Jessica got glasses about December, Then in May she got her braces off -- Shane started out school with missing some teeth in front and now-- he has teeth.(They don't seem to be crowded like Jessica's so maybe we won't have to pay for braces? my fingers are crossed!)
Shane and Jessica's report cards were a joy to read... They are both such good readers that I am joyfully ~ speechless.

I was reading though Jessica's homework and I came across this paper -- the kids needed to use the vocabulary words from the story to create a sentence.
ceaseless: The rain was ceaseless today, it seemed.
companionable: You are very companionable and my best friend.
discouraged:I hate being discouraged.
dismal: I do not like dismal days!
dreary: You look dreary!
exhausted: I am exhausted!
pelting: I do not like rain that pelts against my window.
sullenly: You are very sullenly!

I laughed quite a bit reading her writing-- after the last bit of yucky weather,
 I could wholeheartedly agree with all her statements!

So, anyway.... here is that great teacher -- I am so happy that fate brought our family to her-- I know that she will always be a bright spot in our school memories!

And now to start
making some fun
 summertime memories!

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Heather said...

Oh, Stacey!!!!!! Thank you so very much for the beautiful gifts for our Baby Girl! They are absolutely gorgeous. Pumpkin and I had the best time going through the box together. You are incredibly talented and incredibly thoughtful! You should try selling some of your things. We just love homemade gifts like that. Plus, with all the negative information coming out about plastics, more moms seem to be on the lookout for cloth options for their babies.

Thanks again for being so generous and thoughtful! I know Baby Girl will love the items, as well.;)