Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Day after the last day of school!

So, Jessica needed a new bike~ her old one has worn out tires, thanks to her overzealous brother-- and a flat tire that we have decided not to fix with slime. -- We recently recieved a rebate back from Cricket-- but in the form of a credit card-- we had to use the card at a retailer- we couldn't just deposit the money in our account-- so we used the card to get the bike.  Since Jessica has her own bike, Shane has now decided that he will use his own bike-- Yahoo!  I didn't get to take his picture yesterday, but he had orange,black,and white striped gloves on-(think winter time gloves from the dollar store) - a blue coat and a helment with dragons on it... It was warm outside but he was all covered up--- (clearly he was dressed in true SPD fashion! --)
We also took the time to set up our new tent... which happened to be missing one piece, and the bag had a slice in it. After calling and going to Walmart to find that they did not have another tent just like this--! Jerry decided to buy a 39cent piece of PVC pipe at Jerry's Then after  a drill and a zip tie later we have a nice tent!
It has a door that pretty much closes on it's own...
Plus it's walls are tall and straight, no more hunched over moving around the tent! There is even a little doggy door-- which we have labeled as NOT FOR USE! -- I wonder how long that will last?

Today's baking attempt... a lowsugar Strawberry/Rhubarb Crumble

Looked good, tasted alright...
I like the mix of the strawberries and the Rhubarb --
 but the crumble wasn't enough-- note to self...
 next time double the crumble!

Next week, on Tuesday evening  we will be gone camping-- I do hope you will all miss us...err~ me until we return-- We won't be back till Sunday!

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