Monday, June 28, 2010

It was a LONG week,and now we are home!

Jerry looks like he's dancin' but I think he was just trying to put on his shoes!

Grandma Jeanne got some playtime in with Shane... awwwww

Looks like some late night planning to me?  This is Little Tony, his mom and I are cousins-- Tony is a year younger than Shane but to see the two of them interact you wouldn't really realize that they are a year apart.  Tony is a large, healthy kiddo-- ! Shane had been a bit obnoxious around the campfire and so he was taking a short break with the heavy blanket and abook in the tent, Tony came in to comenserate?  

We are back! Sunburned, with colds, and sand...sand everywhere...a few bug bites,too many marshmellows and  at this moment I can't find my keys! ackkkkkk 
We all had a great time, the meltdowns were not to overwhelming-- and the kids seemed to really have FUN.    
(this is just some of the family... there were about 16 people missing this year)

Pretty sunset !

Speaking of marshmellows...I found my keys under them! yahoooo!


Tammy said...

I love camping with the family. My son does great, as long as we remember to bring his music.

Lea said...

Looks like a lot of fun.

Flo said...

Oh lovely to camp with family!!! I have many memories before my divorce in 1996 of family camping. Bob and I don't do it enough. We're seeking comfort now, altho a pathetic attempt occurred last summer..we had all new equipment (tent) but everything you can think of went wrong!!! haha..Especially with a torn cartilage in my knee causing extreme pain..our queen size air mattress collapsed like giant lips engulfing us by morning..stuff like that and rain/wind. I hope your trip was more fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like all went the way it should and I'm really glad. Perfect camping weather too. Glad you're back. I love you. Me