Monday, June 28, 2010

and yet More camping pictures!

This is Ally and her dog Little bit....
I say  funky? YES!

Tyler.... had his birthday while we were camping... and he also "got" to wear this... a football that was defective and then made into a hat..

Little Becca -- wanted to "milk the cow" while we were at the Tillamook cheese Factory...

This is my mom and her sister when we went for a walk. This is a cabin that Jannet and Jeff and Ally stayed in ... Jessica got to sleep over two nights with her cousin Becca! -- camping and a sleep-over.... Oh, Joy!

Jerry is "resting" on the rocks near the beach while watching a bunch of the kids play in the surf... Jerry had a cold the whole week we were camping but he managed to still enjoy himself!

These are my cousin Elizabeth's boys... and the squirt guns that my cousin Jannet bought for all the kids-- yup people got wet and they even had FUN!
How many people does it take to set up this tent?

Please pardon, the words not matching up with the pictures... I'm not concentrating, I'm just sharing pictures!

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Kristi said...

Great shots. I am so excited to go on my very first camping trip with the kids at the end of July. I'm sure lots of pictures will follow.