Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our hump day... was~

Shane made his own...homemade fishing pole-- with a jump rope a stick and a noodle for swimming. odd -- but creative!

This week has been interesting for us-- It's the first week without the IA... and Jerry has been dropping and picking up the kids, while I have been busy elsewhere. Monday and Tuesday were okay days for Shane, he did have to be told to stop singing while at his desk on Monday-- and then on Tuesday he needed some re-direction at recess.But overall it had been an okay week.

Today-- well it was a harder day for Shane-- he didn't want to wake up, and then when he got to school he wasn't really in control of his body.(He crashed into another student in the hallway) The weather has been very weird, sunny, really rainy, and strong winds... sometimes I wonder if the weather does affect Shane's moods-- or at least his sensory needs?

He was really emotionally spent when I got him from school-- he was whimpering and didn't want to walk-- I bent down to talk with him and he just begged for me to carry him. Carrying a 7 year old is not easy-- so as soon as we were outside I put him down and made him walk to the car. We came home and he was VERY hungry --- he ate a bowl of cereal and a bag of popcorn!

He started his homework, but he was struggling with it. There were scrambled words to a sentence and you had to put them in the correct order and write out the sentence-- I went ahead and modified the homework-- I printed out the words, then I had Shane cut them out and then we figured out the order-- we then numbered the words so that when he glued them on the paper he didn't get more upset. It took him a while to get centered to do the work but once he saw that the writing part was gone-- he was quick about getting the job done. :)

Meanwhile Jessica has been working on creating all her thank you cards-- I am having her write them out and we will be sending them in the mail-- it's a lot of work for her-- but she is happy to put the stamp on the envelope.

Shane had been having a hard time waiting for Jessica to be done with her cards--

so he decided to do some heavy work-- by bringing kitchen chairs to his room for a fort.

I was so impressed that he realized that he needed to do some heavy work and he just got busy !



Anonymous said...

You are doing such an awesome job with the kids Stace! I wish my mom had helped me with some things like writing thank you cards. Perhaps I would be better at that kind of thing myself and so would my children. We have lost some of those courtesies in general and in society these days. I miss you lately and I love you! Time goes by too fast when we're busy. Me

Anonymous said...

You are SUCH a good Mom!

Looks like Shane is showing several signs of growth.