Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just a bit of a rant~

I have been watching Celebrity Apprentice--

I like to see how much money and effort the celeb's will use to help their charities.

Holly Robinson Peete has a son with Autism -- and her charity, HollyROD~ is one that she created with her husband to help kids and families dealing with Autism.

I like HRP, I think she is a great woman and a strong mom. Heck, I remember her way back when~~ on 21 Jump Street-- with Johnny Depp. I think she doesn't see her kids as one with Autism, and two without-- I think she is just proud of all of her kids.

Last night Joan Rivers and season one's winner Bill Rancic interviewed HRP and Bret Michaels'.

They asked each of the celeb's why they wanted to win, and why they should win.

When Joan Rivers and Bill Rancic were talking to Donald Trump-- they kept comparing the two celeb's--. I was frustrated to hear them talk about how HRP would have to go home to the situation that her charity was all about.

I am sure that Joan Rivers and Bill Rancic were trying to be sensitive to the...topic. But, in my opinion they failed--.
- Neither one of them... realized that they were treating HRP's son with such pithy pity...

Just because HRP's son has Autism doesn't mean that she wishes he didn't have Autism or wishes that she didn't have to go home. I bet that she treasures her son -- just like she treasures her other children., sure her son with Autism needs more of her time and attention-- but that doesn't lessen her love for child.

I didn't hear them treating Bret Michael's having diabetes with such pithy pity... it seemed like they understood that the diabetes was just something he had.

Why do people continue to act like Autism is something that is caught... or something to be scared of ? Yes, autism is scary and a challenging thing-- but so is having a kid with dyslexia-- or RAD,(Reactive Attachment Disorder) or SPD - or any number of things.

Why.... Why do we not realize that these things...

that these precious kids "have" are just apart of who they are...

some people are left handed, some people are not, some people have Autism, some do not...

Forgive me while I rant... but WAKE UP PEOPLE--- be considerate of this topic-- don't demean those affected by it-- and please-- be respectful.

No one wants to get..."Autism" but then no one wants to "get" diabetes either--

Why do we continue treat Autism like it's something that you can avoid?

Some kids get Autism...some don't...

Anyway.... if you agree or disagree leave me a comment-- maybe my comments are rude and unfounded-- maybe I'm way off track? Let me know what you think.


KDL said...

Hi Stacey - thanks for visiting Simple Life. I agree with the general direction of your comments, that people hear the word autism and shrink back in horror where they might not if a different diagnosis were under discussion. It is a sign that as common as autism is it is still greatly misunderstood. In particular the spectrum of effects seems to escape people. Say autism they think Rain Man...we were even told to tell people that our daughter has Asperger's (even though this is not really correct according to diagnostic criteria) because Asperger's (supposedly) makes people think Bill Gates. I didn't see the show you are talking about so can't really comment on how sensitive/insensitive they were. I can tell you that I just went away for a Mom retreat this past weekend and as eager as I was to "get away" for a couple of days, it is the work, not the people that I want the break from. I was more than eager to get back to every member of my family.

Alysia said...

I totally agree - that's not a rant, it's the truth! I'm tired of feeling like my son "caught" something. He is who he is. If he had a physical disability, would people talk that way? I don't know...Thanks for your thoughts - you are spot on!


Alysia said...

I forgot one thing (forgive me for the double post!) but I would say "Some kids HAVE autism...some don't..." But that's just me :-)

Thanks again for writing this.



Kristi said...

I think you nailed it on the head when you said autism is scary. It is especially scary for people who have no exposure to it. It doesn't look like other situations and people are still unsure how to act. The other thing is that the spectrum is so wide that even someone who has exposure to a person with autism may often not have anything to reference to if they meet someone who is on a completely different side of the spectrum. I didn't see the show but I imagine they were probably all not sure how to be sensitive since they didn't have a frame of reference.

Anonymous said...

Well I must say I agree with you and all of the comments. I also think that when someone is unfamiliar with autism they probably think of the worse case scenarios that they have been exposed to. Or if they haven't been react to what they think that means. Although I am inclined to hope that Holly does win anyway...LOL! Love you. Me