Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sickness at our house.

Yesterday when Jerry and I picked the kids up from school-- I thought that something was odd with Shane-- he seemed to be less obnoxious for a Friday and  a holiday.   Shane confessed that he had two pieces of candy-- and then kept saying my head is spinning--.
Jerry had to work last night so he laid down to nap before work -- both of the kids laid down with him-- Shane fell asleep!  Jessica rested for a short time but then she found the books that I had gotten and the library and she got stuck in a book! Jerry woke up and had to move Shane-- he was still sleeping. Jerry left for work and Shane sat,wrapped in a blanket and complained about how I was not playing Bejeweled Twist with as much skill as he does.
Shane decided that he wanted chicken noodle soup,but we were out  -- then he said he would settle for TOP RAMEN with chicken pieces added in. While I started creating this for him he asked for the puke bucket...  
Poor kid, it only took two times to have his tummy completely empty!  Jessica was a big help-- she made Shane's bed and helped fetch and carry as I needed.  As soon as it was 8 o' clock on the dot-- I picked up Shane and tucked him in bed-- (Shane really wanted to lay down, but he was insistent that he had to wait until it was officially bedtime!)
I went to my room  and watched some the the opening ceremonies of the OLYMPICS-- I kept waiting to hear that someone needed me-- they didn't!
I ended up waking up early... 630amish... I went to see how Shane was he greeted me with a smile-- and a wave we talked for a while and then we went back to bed.  
This morning,  Shane seems to be fine-- although Jessica has a puffy face and her blood pressure is up, I guess I might find her some over-the-counter cold medicine-- that will not raise her blood pressure.
There is a race or walk going on today, I feel like such a couch potato-- I sit and drink my coffee, reading my book -- and listen to the TV-- every so often I look out the window to see groups of young and old running and walking by.
I had HIGH HOPES of moving things all around in the kids' rooms-- now I am not feeling so enthusiastic...
I wonder if some vitamins might help?

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HennHouse said...

Oh, Stacey!

How are you all feeling today?

Keeping you all in my prayers.