Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New places to visit,good things,and pet peeves.

I love Facebook ~
Recently one of my friends' posted about a site on Facebook called Fun and Function-- it's a resource to connect parents and caregivers to others-- and products that might be helpful. (for kids with sensory issues and Autism)
I stumbled up on a site that makes clothing that is super good for kids who have sensory issues-- Then the same site posted about how they had an interview with a Mom blogger -- I happened to stop by her blog and I am .... happy! I have a feeling that I will be visiting this "new to me blog" often.

(Hey, Barbara-- I checked these links before I posted -- are you proud of me? LOL! )


Shane was supposed to earn 18 points today--

guess how many he received....?


I am SO very proud!

That being said, I am praying hard that this weekend goes well also!
Shane is also reading Charlotte's Web at school-- I am happy that his teacher finally gave him a more challenging book to read.

I also spoke with the tech-guy at the school-- and asked if I could get some iVideo files off of Shane's computer. His SPED teacher told me that there is some funny ones, one is Billy Goat Gruff-- I asked the tech-guy if he could put the files on my ipod but he said that won't work-- so instead he is going to put the files on a cd for me!

It will be glorious to go to Christmas and brag about my son with proof that he really is cute and adorable and maybe even funny--without his mom around to "coach"him!

I also found out that 25 pounds of oatmeal that was meant for two families-- instead is at another household -- the people who need it haven't gotten it (a family of five, who's father has been unemployed for 6 months now)-- and the only response is --"Well I've been busy..." Grrrr -- This oatmeal is part of an allotment that Jerry gets each year-- we often try to pass it along to other's that need it-- because we really don't eat THAT much oatmeal, and we like to give when we can. I have thought about calling up and demanding that the oatmeal get delivered this weekend-- but then I thought that might only create more drama. I called and asked Jerry if he could possibly get more oatmeal and he said maybe-- so at least I know I can deliver some.
I have to say that one of my pet peeves is when someone else offers to help and then doesn't follow through with the same attention to detail that the task deserves.

Do you have pet peeves, how do you deal with them-- and their repercussions?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I AM proud of you! chkl - now I'm off to see those sites, too! Have a wonderful Christmas celebration this weekend. Barbara