Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First day back to school

The alarm sure went off early this morning, all day I have felt like I forgot to do something, I wonder if that something was sleep?

Yesterday we had our meeting at school, to discuss the level 3 from the last day before break, and to meet the Instructional Assistant. It was a good meeting, I went ahead and apologized for my email that I sent regarding the level 3-- it seems like it wasn't received in the way I thought had written it.
Next time, I think I will write the email and then save it, and have someone else read it before I hit the send button. I did also get the impression that although my email may of been written in distress, the points I made were valid and those points were each discussed.
I guess you could say it was a draw-- neither the teacher, nor I felt like we had won-- but both of us had the opportunity to make our comments, and then move on. It is so nice to work with staff who can be flexible and understanding. I explained that I had received notice about Jessica getting an increase in medication & having to have a blood draw, -along with bi-focal glasses-- and then the level 3. I think that would be a tough day for any parent.

Shane did a decent job today at school, he didn't earn all his points,(16 out of 18) but his difficulties did not lead to a meltdown. I wasn't expecting a PERFECT day-- and so it was all good news to me!
Jessica had a good day at school, but it's funny that usually she gets right to work on her homework--however, today she has needed a few re-directs. Christmas break was a bit too long!

The new guardrail is finally finished, which is nice-- but I notice that they extended the rail further into our yard. -- Oh, Joy!

This weekend we have Christmas plans with my Mom's side of the family--It's going to be a long weekend full of things to do each day,starting on Friday after school-- I hope that I(we are) am able to keep the kids cheerful and willing to go with the flow-- There is about 30 of us, not counting the kids-- and so it makes for a full house -- I plan on taking a ton of pictures and some video's -- maybe even with my ipod.


HennHouse said...

Glad you felt meeting was successful... Good idea about writing the email and then waiting to send it... Another thing I do is always read it out loud.

Have fun this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Your first question - lol.

Like the new background! I didn't want to complain before, but some of the backgrounds you've had are hard to read over. This one is easy (on my ol' eyes).

Sounds like mostly good news but I would not be looking forward to a big family weekend just after the holidays - but that is just ol' me.

I am JUST getting over having to send CollegeSon back to the snowy NE. Need to go put away the Christmas decorations. It will get done, eventually!