Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's COLD, your thalamus, and THE MALL !

When it's cold (freezing) outside, it's a good idea to not leave your favorite hand cream in the car, or a two liter bottle of pop on the front porch, or to leave the baby wipes in the car! important information for you collected by my friends on Facebook!

I was over at Your Therapy Source -- and there was a post all about Sensory Processing-
it was about the thalamus and how it processes information?~
Anyway--it has a link to the whole article and
although I read the words I am not sure I understood the final message.
I wonder if any of you could/would read what I did, and then give me your cliff notes?
Barbara, I think I got the link to work now...

Shane's teacher would like him to be the first kid in the classroom, he seems to do better when he has some alone time with the teacher--- however--now I have to explain to the kids why they need to go to sleep earlier (7:30pmish) so that we don't have grumpy kids in the morning.
It's hard to send you kids to bed and then when you check on them, find them reading... both reading and sleeping are great things to "catch" your kids doing-- too bad they both can't be done at the same time!

I wandered around the mall today, got assaulted by people who wanted to put hand cream on me, make my face up with Bare Essentials make-up, try a bite of this or that, and here.... smell this!
People I have zero money I am JUST window shopping, heck I'm not even "dressed" for the mall-- my hair is not curled or styled, I am wearing jeans and "running shoes" I have NO make-up on -- a zit near the bottom part of my nose-- and y'all think you want to pretty me up? HUH?
I guess even the people who work in the mall are desperate!


Anonymous said...

I clicked on Your Therapy Source, but could not find the page on the thalamus.

I will include mention of the thalamus in my next big neuro post - okay?


Heather said...

The part about the mall...too funny. I've so been there!

Your blog looks the winter theme.