Thursday, November 5, 2009

Parent Teacher conferences

I just want to take this post to brag about my kids,

  • his reading fluency is at 98%
  • his oral reading fluency is at 99%
  • his math skills are in the 66th%

The teacher and the school counselor both were very pleased with all of Shane's progress-- They were both happy to report that although Shane still has his twitchy & twirly moments, he is getting better at being polite and asking for a break, or at least taking a break when suggested!

The teacher made sure to comment that since his reading scores are SO high that all we need to do is use his great reading skills to improve some of his other skills that are a bit behind.Writing is not something he enjoys, but that seems to be coming along.


  • her reading scores exceed the standard 150 words per minute! (93%)
  • her vocabulary is at 72%
  • her comprehension 52%
  • her spelling-- better than her Daddy...:) 13/14 !
  • math needs a bit of help from Daddy-- cause mom doesn't do well with math!

Once again the teacher was happy to report that Jessica is a sweet, well mannered child and that her reading will help her with the few things that are a bit behind.

I feel SO BLESSED, I could not be prouder of my kids, and the school -- this year is going great and the staff is really focused on getting the kids to be well-rounded in their skills.

Aw, simple Joy!

I kept giving complements to the teachers and staff about how nice it was to go and hear GREAT things about my kids... even the few things that the kids are a bit behind were not talked about in a negative way, they were talked about as something to work on but, very achievable! Gosh, I love hearing about things in a positive way!

I still feel a bit sick, but between the Theraflu caplets and the large quantities of tea,and fruits-- I seem to be somewhat normal!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on all! And take some credit for yourself!


Kristi said...

I'm so glad that you're conference went so well. What a great feeling.
I hope you feel better soon.