Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just weekend stuff...

So, my dear husband is off hunting with his brother for ELK...
I am really praying hard that the guys are able to deal with the weather, and in turn find and bring home two Elk, one for us and one for my brother-in-laws' family.
They are over at the coast range and it's colder, a chance of snow, rain -- and of course wind.-- Jerry is convinced that the more yucky the weather gets the better the hunting--?
A few years ago when he got his ELK, our poor tent came home trashed.... but I figured that all that ELK meat was worth it!

Shane--- told me last night that I was the best mom in the whole planet, even on the planet Mars... awwwww--- I love these moments! Oh, Joy!
And... next week Shane will be in school for the WHOLE DAY just like all the other kids!
There was an Assembly at school on Friday, and Shane survived it without having to leave the gym! This year the staff is being SO respectful to what Shane needs... I am so pleased!
Shane even got a beep-beep for being, kind, responsible and safe while at the Assembly!

Jessica had a great day at school also, although she did complain in the evening about her tummy... I think she has gas... LOL, so... in my best mommy voice... hehehe I prescribed a warm bath... (with Epsom salts) that seemed to help-- This morning she says she's "just exhausted" so I am letting her hang out on my bed watching cartoons.-- Maybe later she can help me with the laundry... :) (Sometimes she really likes to help)

There is a Holiday and Craft fair this weekend at the Fairgrounds and I'd love to take Jessica with me and go, but I don't have anywhere for Shane to go -
(I know better than to try and take him with me ...)-
so unless the guys get home SUPER early...( I highly doubt it...) Then.... I won't be going to the fairgrounds... darn it... but then.. think of all the money I won't be spending.

Well, it's time to switch the laundry to the dryer.... Have a great day !

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