Saturday, October 3, 2009

Purple bird poop, yuck....

Yesterday I got to spend some one on one time with my dear husband before he left to go hunting for 13 days--
There were so many places that we had to go, however...
getting hit with purple bird poop on the way into Walmart... NOT FUNNY!~
grrr.... at least there was a restroom right inside the door--Jerry had to wash his hands, since he was nice enough to show me what color the poop was--- and I had to try to rinse the poop out of my hair!
I think back now, how nice it was that Jerry didn't laugh at me... he just took the bird poop in stride...
later after I felt a lot less pooped on... LOL
Jerry and I laughed about the whole experience-- Jerry was SO happy to be going hunting, and I was happy that he was happy... I have plans while he is away, and the kids are at school, to rid our house of some stuff... and clutter, and since Jerry is away-- and as long as the kids don't know-- I can DO IT!
I told Jerry that it wouldn't bug me... for him to tell my brother-in-law Rick,my sister-in-law Danni and my nephew Jeff, about the bird poop-- I figure that by the time they get home from hunting my bird poop event will be far from their thoughts!

I tried to make a Rachael Ray recipe for the dinner-- it was a version of Monte Crisco's-- it didn't go over well-- the kids ended up having soup ! Last evening while Jessica was watching The Bridge to Terabithia, Shane and I made cupcakes from a box of cake mix I had.... and I was surprised and impressed that Shane stayed focused.
He has been a bit twisty and twirly lately-- I am trying to figure out if his behavior is sensory related or something else... where oh, where is that manual for How Best to Parent Shane?

I got to do some lovely reading at blogs I enjoy.--
check out Antique Mommy she really puts a different view on every day things...
also... today is race day... and I bet that the HennHouse will have a positive uplifting post...
Then my prayers are over at Slurping Life--their life is about trials right now, and so prayers are requested!
There are other blogs I went to, but these were the ones that really got my emotion,attention and prayers! :0)

Happy Saturday to you !

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Anonymous said...

Hello you sneaky TPer you! Of course Shane is twisty twirly ....helllloooo! Not only is he yours and Jerry's son but he's a little boy! He's doing great! Man you shoulda seen all my brothers at that age. You would and should feel blessed that Shane is not like that! Oh, they all turned out okay I think! I love you!