Tuesday, September 29, 2009

braces and Joy...

{I know that this may not be the cutest picture of my daughter... but sometimes I just have to document EVERYthing... I can! :) } This is just the during picture, maybe later today I'll get an "after picture"

My husband Jerry, is going hunting for 13 days, and he is leaving on Friday-- so the whole house seems to be in turmoil... he's looking for things and doing laundry-- he's so overwhelmed that I catch him just having a moment to stare into space!

I am not a hunter myself, so I really don't get the attraction of going out in possibly yucky weather to look and then kill an animal.

Although I did enjoy the year that we had a freezer full of ELK meat-- so I am learning to just stay out of the way and keep the kids focused on what they need to be doing.

Yesterday, Shane decided that Daddy needed to help him with his homework-- (this is usually my job, because Daddy tends to get distracted rather easily-- ) Shane took advantage of the opportunity to not stay on task,and to be mouthy...

I was starting to get annoyed, and then I realized that it was time to get Jessica out of school--
I picked up Jessica and we were off to go get braces on her bottom teeth.

I have been battling a sore throat for a few days, and then last night, I started having a tough time talking so I was clapping my hands, tapping my nails on things and generally looking like a crazy mommy mime.-- Shane and Jessica were trying to be help full-- by talking louder! LOL I looked at Jerry, I motioned him to explain that I can hear~ I just can't talk! It might of been fun to see on video, good thing we don't have our own reality show!

Shane was having a tough time going to sleep and Jerry was very distracted so I went and spent some time talking with Shane. Apparently, Shane has been having bad dreams about his video games, he even offered to sell his games-- so that he wouldn't have the bad dreams. I really didn't feel like talking, but I knew that Shane needed help to work out his problem. Finally we decided to pray and ask for help--
This morning, Shane said he didn't have ANY dreams ! yahooo.... God is good!

I am a bit worried though, about how best to approach these dreams-- I am pretty sure that I need to let him talk about them, but I am not sure how to get him to talk about the dream without reliving the whole dream.
Any ideas?

Shane is struggling a bit with wanting to go to school, he is convinced it's too boring--
This morning he didn't want to go and I almost had to give him a time-out -- then when he was in the classroom the teacher was very good with him, she immediately got him focused on what she was saying-- then 2 minutes later-- when he started to fling himself around-- one of his classmates came and asked Shane to read the morning message-- The kids all know that Shane is a good reader, so they wanted HIM to read the message!!!! He did read the sign to the kids and then again to his teacher and myself... I was so proud! It was nice to drop my son off and know that his behaviors are just a small part of him---
he is valued for his abilities!
Ah, Joy....


Anonymous said...

A freezer full of elk meat is a very good thing!

Maybe Karin will come in with some advice on the dreams. She posted on that not too long ago.

I gotta diagree with the O quote that comes up with this post:
"Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother."

Not so. See my page, linked in the middle column Nature vs. Nurture.

Love the new fall template.


Mama Sara said...

That picture is hysterical. Just promise not to blackmail Jessica with it when she is in high school.

Anonymous said...

I love you Stacey! Sounds like Shane is being himself and yet being "normal" and don't worry about him saying it's boring right now. I don't think he's really bored at school from the way it sounds. It sounds like school is going great. Hope you're better because it would be nice to see you before Jerry leaves for 2 weeks. Thank you for Sunday. Me

mommyto3duckies said...

My son has bad dreams too. I can only say what works (sometimes--you know how kids can be!)
We pray-of course. We pray the words of Psalm 91-Hide me in your secret place and He gives His angels charge over you are very visual and powerful, as are the Ephesians 6 verses about the armor of God. Boys love that!
We also talk about his God list. I ask him what he's thankful for, what God did for him that day, where were his God-sightings, etc.
By then he usually is thinking good thoughts.
We've had to nix certain cartoons and most tv altogether especially during the month of Otober. Prevention saves ALOT of heartache!

Anonymous said...

I really liked mommyto3duckies' suggestions! Reminds me of when I was a child - I was comforted in the night by the fact that our home was blessed by a minister.