Monday, September 21, 2009

Rain,pain, and the week to come!

When Danni suggested that she take Jessica and I backpacking, I said yes, because I thought that Danni would not take her only sister in law,(me) and her only niece (Jessica) hiking to ...hurt them.
Danni is super organized, she had Jessica and I bring our clothing choices over to her house to get her... approval or disapproval... Danni does not allow cotton material for hiking... I have almost a whole closet full of cotton clothing... I looked for clothing that wasn't cotton and I found a few pieces-- Thank God for St Vinny's and Goodwill's!
When we packed our clothing, Danni loaned me two pair of socks, one was wool--- I didn't want to wear them...but I did.
The forecasters all said that there was only.. a 30% chance of rain....
They were WRONG .... it rained as we hiked in, it rained while we set up,it rained while we made dinner,it rained while we were in our tents blowing up the air mattresses, then while we slept, it rained.
In the morning we awoke to find that it had also froze the rain drops on the tents!~
It was so very nice to see the sunshine later that day!--
that is why there is the picture of me with sunglasses, soaking up the sun.
(please view this picture with your best airbrushing in mind...) Thanks!
We met many different groups of hikers --some older....some younger---but I was very proud to be apart of the group of 4 ladies who stuck it out... since Jessica and I were new to hiking, we could of whined and said let's leave NOW... but neither Jessica nor I were willing to admit defeat!
I am very sore, Jessica says she is very sore, being out in nature when the sun was shining down on the pretty water and the sky was the PERFECT shade of blue... ahhhh-- it was worth it!
One of the ladies from our church who is a healthy, happy hiker, happened to be available to come with us, which was fun-- she told stories about China, and her travels and experiences there--.
I can't say that I already have my next hiking trip planned-- because I am still working thru the pain of this one... but it was kinda fun...
When I got home my husband had done some work in the kitchen,(cleaning) he even made cookies! Shane had the privilege to play video games almost the whole weekend.
While the cat is away... the mice will play?
This week is another busy week for us~ tomorrow is curriculum night at the kids' school -- Jerry's birthday is on Wes. and Shane's birthday is on Thursday. On Sat. Jerry "gets" to watch a girl from his work...fight in a cage fight-- (WHAT?) -- and then on Sunday I get to help my dear friend Patty celebrate her birthday--
I wonder if October will be less busy?


Anonymous said...

Good thing you'll be recovered by the time Sunday rolls around girl. It sounds like it was a wonderful time for you and Jessica. wasn't too hot!!! LOL Love you. Me

HennHouse said...

I'm so glad you liked it! I wish there were places around here to hike.