Thursday, September 10, 2009

Messages, Blog Carnival topic at TherExtras


Such a small word for something that has affects, every moment of every day.

  • getting a message on Facebook that a dear friend needs prayers for her son who is struggling with learning how to ride the school bus~

  • getting a message in your in-box that is combative, and not positive.

  • receiving a message on your cell, Your child needs to be picked up...

  • trying to post a message (comment) and the computer refusing to follow instructions

Gosh, I didn't set out to make this a depressing, or negative post.

I guess that this is just how I happen to view messages-- not always in a positive light...
Maybe I need to spend some more time in the light? I am guessing that since I spend a ton of time observing my kids, that I like to already know what is happening with them, rather than waiting for a message. Hummmm... This leads me to think that I am impatient-- yup-- there I said it I am an impatient person.

I got a feeling :) :) :} :]

(Que the song from the Black Eyed Peas, that plays on commericals--)

that Barbara over at TherExtras...

Might take the topic of messages, and talk about how a body sends messages to the muscles, tendons and other assorted body parts that help us move. (correctly and incorrectly)
So, anyway-- This is my two cents... and in this economy that isn't (anit).. much !


Anonymous said...

You have me pegged right, Stacey!

Now I've got to go listen to that song!

Thanks! Barbara

HennHouse said...

I really like this post, Stacey! And I loved your insight, "Maybe I should spend some more time in the light"

So true for all of us.

Princess Abigail said...

I LOVE that song - but not as much as I love getting messages and comments on facebook! And you certainly don't sound negative to me - just an experienced, sensible Mum who knows exactly where she's at with the kids! And if its any comfort - this message got obliterated into cyberspace the first time I tried to leave it, so you are not the only one who's computer crashes at INVARIABLY the most annoying moment!!!!!

Alison in France

Terri said...

I don't think you're negative--we do get bombarded and not all messages are created equal!

Mrs. Mac said...

Good insight on the topic, Stacey. When Barbara proposed her topic I think everybody had a different idea about "messages" ... that's what makes the world go around. When my pc is fixed, I'll be back for another visit.


Anonymous said...

Cute post Stacey! Boy do you know Barbara! Sometimes we just have to give ourselves our own messages!