Saturday, September 12, 2009

Food and Fabric, ah, Joy!

Pardon me, I am eating spaghetti while I type... and I LOVE spaghetti...
the kids and Jerry do also-- so when I make spaghetti I feel the love from EVERYONE!
I make it with Foster Farms Turkey Meatballs, home style version~
(look for them in the freezer section)
both of the kids are kinda picky eaters
So, I take these meatballs which come fully cooked,
I bake them in the oven, then I cool them
while the noodles are cooking
and then I add the sauce.
(I just use whatever jar of spaghetti sauce I have,
if I add extra cans of tomatoes or any extra spices, Shane will not eat as much)
Then I get out the meatballs and cut them up
-- Jerry and I love just eating the meatballs whole--
but I found that the spaghetti goes a bit further if I cut them up~
Because the meatballs are soft and pre-formed
they seem to be easier for the kids to eat, then ground beef.
Ah, Joy.... simple, almost priceless joy!
At lunch the other day Shane choose a Garden burger, he took one bite and then raised his hand... "May I , have something else?, This isn't what I expected!" The staff was nice enough to let Shane have another lunch, this time he choose a cheeseburger. (Shane tries to tell me that he is a vegetarian, but --- I disagree with him!)
Recently I turned 39 ... and my Mother-in-law was so SWEET, she just sent me a bleated birthday card with a gift card for $20.00 at Joann's Fabrics...!
Jerry was able to let me go to the fabric store all by myself!
I couldn't make a choice-- I kept seeing things that I wanted to make for Jessica,Shane, my sister-in-law nephew Miles... my grandson Irie. When I realized it was almost 5pm I decided that I needed to just sit at the pattern table and choose!
It sure helped that Simplicity patterns were on sale for $1.99 -- then when the pattern called for knit fabric I found some that was 30% off! Score!
I got the fabric,the pattern some thread and I still have almost $3.00 left on the card! yahooooo...
Simplicity pattern #2554 view B, the fabric I choose is at the top of this post.
Now, if I could just "farm my kids out" for about 4 hours-- I bet I could get the top cut out and sewn. Too bad Jerry works for the next 4 days... (I also need to finish some Pj's for my cousin's son...)
Just before dinner Shane comes up to me... looks me in the eyes and says, "Mom, can I go back to school?" I almost had tears well up in my eyes-- He wanted to go back to school--
what JOY -- this conversation would of never of happened last year... there were too many mixed messages about school. I answered him that yes on Monday he could go back to school.
Next weekend, my sister-in-law Danni-- who is a very qualified backpacker, is taking Jessica and I for an overnight backpacking trip.-- We are going to Matthew's Lake-- apparently it isn't a tough hike but it is a lot more than I am used to. Danni is so eager to go, that she offered to let me sit and take a break while she hikes with Jessica to our camp, and then comes back to help me ...
I so hope.... and pray that I am able to just keep moving...I am so sure I will be tired and sore in the morning-- but I am also hoping that this will motivate me to start exercising !


Anonymous said...

Stace! I miss you and I love you so much! You find joy in the simplest pleasures and remind that is what life is really about my friend. I am so happy about school and Shane too! I love your whole family you know. Don't tell Jerry though I think he suspects. Oh goodness, I think I have tears in my eyes. Me

Kristi said...

I made spaghetti with a new kind of meatballs this weekend too. I tried to make it into "baked spaghetti" but it didn't work out so well. I love ow positive your posts are sounding. I hope things continue to go well for Shane in school this week.