Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This week's stuff~

Well, we are back from camping...Marina the betta fish is home--- my sunburn is getting better--the kids are mostly clean... and the laundry and dishes-- Well, I'll work on them all day today.
Today is my sister-in-law Sara's birthday-- I do hope she has a great day with her family in Ca.
My other sister-in-law Danni went hiking on the Pacific Trail and is due back late this evening...
While we were camping my cousin Serena out walked me while we were camping--- she recently ran a half marathon !!! --- and Serena's sister Jenn... went running with her sister each morning when we were camping. I do believe that "someone" is trying to tell me to get fit...?
Alrighty then,... I got the message !

I have the all the school supplies for the kids purchased and packed in their backpacks- now I either need to get sewing or find some money so that they can have some new larger,and longer clothes! The kids seem to grow SO fast...

I found a blood pressure machine for Jessica last night ... at Walmart... and it was only about $40.00 ~ Now, I have to pick up her perscription and then set 2 mornings to check her blood pressure.

I took my memory card to Walmart and I can't wait to get my pictures back there are some funny ones that didn't upload to the computer... (I plan on taking a picture of the pictures-- and maybe I can post them on here...)
I need to figure out why some pictures get uploaded and some don't... I can't wait to read the owners manual... Oh, Joy!

Stupid blogger or computer... I just tried to upload some more pictures from camping... but instead I got kicked off line... AGH!!!!

Time to shower and clean up...
Say Prayers for Bethany.. she has medical issues.

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HennHouse said...

You are SO BUSY!

I'm glad camping was fun!

In our school district, we pay a $20 fee for each child and all school supplies are supplied by the school.