Thursday, August 13, 2009

Saving money and do-overs

There are times when I am very proud of the fact that we try to save money at our house -

  • by using dial-up

  • and not having cable

  • by eating out only sparingly

  • by driving cars, that need an upgrade or two

and then there are times that I want to stamp my foot and -- have a hisssy fit!

I like to think I am a pioneer woman...

Like Barbara talks about at Therextras ha...ha...

but I'm not .... unless you consider~ that being the third wife of a husband who has confessed to eating a...Nutria! (In the crock pot....!){Jerry told me about this ...after we were married-- it might of been a deal breaker, had I known before we got married!} :}

We went camping and I was the one who asked..ummm(demanded,with a smile) to use the cot to sleep on-- Jerry and the kids, they slept on different foam pieces and sleeping bags that were on the floor of the tent.

Just yesterday, Jessica and I got to go to a silly and stupid movie-- it was free and so we stayed to see the whole thing... we should of skipped it... (Mr Bean's vacation) Jessica has swollen cheeks, so I treated her to what she thinks is her very first Orange Julius-- Then we were off to Walmart to find some rinse for her mouth. We came home with some rinse and a package of a frozen fruit mix, strawberries,peaches.pineapple,and red grapes-- and then a with a large container of Vanilla blended yogurt.---I am so GLAD I have a blender that works well-

- It was very frustrating to me that the driver side, power window on the KIA would not work-- but Jessica's window-- it worked... lucky Jessica... sad, poor warm me... wah, wah, ... When Jerry replaced the engine after the old one died-- for lack of oil-- he "accidentally" hit the A/C line and all that cool air disappeared-- so~ no cool air for me.

I thought that I would come home and post this funny short little video that I took of Shane... --Thanks to dial-up,blogger, and/or forces that choose to work against me... I was un-able... grrrr--It is such a funny little video, we were in the truck on the way home from camping and the Beyonce song about single ladies came on-- Well, just as I started to record, Shane put his finger in his nose... and then was "dancin" in his car seat-- This is soooo funny... but grrrrr...I can't get it to upload... grrrrr

I also tried again to upload the Mr Kracker video -- from our camping trip--here on blogger and even on Facebook... No luck... grrrr...

I also have an issue I want to blog about-(because I want your opinions...)- but I don't want the people involved to read about themselves... there is a SLIM chance that they may read how to blog about it... (my version of FREE therapy..) without them reading it? changing their names wouldn't be enough...

I am about ready to stand on the street corner and beg... for the ability to share some funny stuff with ...ya 'all.. did I use that phrase correctly?

People standing on the street corner are ALL over the place here in our hometown-- I want to help-- really I do-- but begging on the street corner just seems like a bad idea... Some of the people get rather insistent that your help is required -- It's frustrating to explain to the kids that we don't have any to give--and yet still show that we care.

Last night Jerry ...finally went back to work-{yahoooooo}- because of the camping trip he ended up taking 6 nights off-- most of those nights were while we were camping, but having him home after we were done camping-- really put a wrench in my plans... I love my hubby... but sometimes he gets in my way.... grrrr... He kept saying he wanted to go Bear hunting, which made Jessica want to go {but I wouldn't let her-- I do believe she is a bit young...} and Shane to be mad that Daddy wasn't playing video games with him. I just wanted to do some dishes and upload some things...

Last night I convinced the kids that watching Mary Poppins would be great fun... and it was -- once I convinced Shane that he would enjoy the movie. (he liked the beginning, the middle and the end, but not the name...)

I really enjoyed hearing the kids try to say... supercalifragilisticexpialidocious~ Later today I think I am going to see if I can "teach" them how to spell it -- and see if they can pronounce it better!

Can I get a a do-over?

A bloggy,and Facebook friend of mine is having a spinal tap... her name is Bethany, and she blogs at And God Laughs... could you say a prayer for her... or leave her a comment she could use some support.

******edited to add.. I took Jessica's blood presure this am....
the Dr wants her to be below 116/77--- and I am very happy to report that she was 91/74 !
*******our neighbor just knocked REALLY loudly on the door-(poor Jerry trying to sleep) - and gave Miss Jessica a few pairs of shoes... awwww... we are blessed !
even if she didn't need any more shoes!


Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzle said...

Oh, I would so hate to lose my AC. We got our first car with it in 2005, and I love it!

Good luck getting the videos to load. Would love to see them. :)

Anonymous said...

Yea for Jessica! Glad you got that monitor now! Somehow I knew she was fine. Perhaps if this is the norm she won't need any bp meds ever. Love you and see you soon. Guess whoooooooo! PS it's ok that the video of Shane didn't work out. I'll have to get an up front seat of him with his finger in his nose and dancin! Ha!

Anonymous said...

I think you are a pioneer woman - which is why I linked you into the post! Really, I think all parents of children with special needs have a pioneer within - and ESPECIALLY those married to men who have eaten Nutria! OMGosh!

You make me smile even when you don't get to tell all your stories.