Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Post #440

Well, I do think we are almost packed up and ready to go--
I have a list that I am checking,once,twice and thrice...
(I like that word thrice... note to self: try to use in conversation)
"Shane this is your thrice warning...pick up your toys!" ...yeah right!
I am really sad that my BIG Brother Peter, his lovely wife, Sara and their sweet son Miles-- will not be able to come camping with all of the "rest of us" I think there is about 30 or so of us...
I am hoping that the normal drama will not get out of hand...
Today, Jessica and I went to the orthodontist twice... Once the hygienist looked inside Jessica's mouth and poked around a bunch, it was clear that the bottom expander needed to come out and be re-worked the gums had swollen all around it-- The tech and the dentist talked and decided how best to make it less irritating for Jessica's gums... They also put a "thing" on her 4 front teeth... that will move them closer together-- since they are straight now, Jessica says that the 4 teeth will now be kissing each other...Awwwww...
I was just happy to hear that not all of the gums being swollen was because of plaque... some of the gums might just have been not able to tolerate the metal.
Yeah... I don't know I'm just typing what I think...I thought I heard! :)
Why do I blog? 'cause I want to keep a on-line record of/for my family--
and I enjoy sharing information--
sometimes I get to help people...and sometimes people help me!
I am hoping to have a bunch of pictures and maybe even a funny story or to to share...
Hey...Elizabeth...I am also planning on getting to work on the Pj's --- I promise I might even send them in the mail... but I want to be sure of the address....(just teasing...) But really, I do promise to work on them after I get home from camping!
Jasmine, & family-- thanks for being our professional fish sitter-- don't forget to write me a bill for your time, I know that Marina is such a feisty fish... :)
Patty, save up all the karaoke gossip until I get back...I'll need an update when I get back...that will help bring me back to reality! Maybe, I can deliver your table in person~ and I can take a night off --I look at the work schedule....Conrad suggested that I look into using the weights that are used in drapes for Shane's weighted vest/motorcycle jacket... I haven't had a chance yet to check out this idea... but I'm thinking it might be a good one! Thanks!
So, all of you followers...and fellow bloggers~
I'll miss your funny,emotional posts... see you in 4 or more days! :)

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mommyto3duckies said...

Have a wonderful, fun and safe trip!!! Marina is doing backflips and other assorted tricks--lol!!