Monday, August 3, 2009

Carwashes and Dr visits

The other day we went to a carwash...
and so here are a few of the pictures of what it looked like driving through..
Jessica and I went to Portland today, first the ultrasound of Jessica's bladder and kidneys...
This was the LONGEST ultrasound appointment I have ever sat,and sat and sat through! We got there at 12:30ish and our appointment was for 1pm, they took Jessica back at about 12:45
I didn't see her until...1:40!!!!!!!!!! Then we had to go and check in at the Specialty Clinic-- then more waiting... and waiting and waiting-- finally it was about 2:40 when we got to start our appointment.
Jessica is 132.1 cm(4foot 2)tall 24.9kg
(54lbs 14.3oz)weight
and then the blood pressure... 127/70
Jessica got to pee in a cup and then wait some more...
finally we got to see a medical student and be apart of the teaching process... ~at least she was friendly and willing to "let Jessica" tell her life story...after a while I had to stop Jessica from talking and talking and talking... I think I see a pattern ?
Finally, we talked with the Dr, and all though she agreed that Jessica looked to be very healthy and happy... she was worried some about her blood pressure-- So she changed the prescription of her current meds,and then requested that we get a blood pressure cuff at home to take Jessica's pressure. The Dr, wondered if Jessica might be more calm at home and then we could see a "more regular" blood pressure--- I can't wait to re-search if the insurance company will cover this... or search online for a new cuff for the machine we already have... I can't wait to take Miss Jessica's blood pressure once a week in the am before the meds and then email the results. Jessica did such a great job of being patient and willing... she didn't even shed a tear when they took her blood! (I didn't cry either... and for me that's a FIRST!)
So, we are happily home... and I am beat!
did I mention the fire drill at the hospital? my cousin waving her own flying monkey out her truck window? getting caught in rush hour traffic and thinking we're melting....melting...?
my messy, but cool(thanks to the A/C) home was nice to come home to !
I felt like I had gone thru a carwash without the car to protect me....
as I attempt to proof read this it doesn't make much sense.... so use your creative skills and fill in the blanks you may have...
or leave me a comment... I need comments.... I love comments.... Please, can I have a comment?

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