Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yesterday I enjoyed the afternoon with two of my friends from high school-- well really from middle school-- There was a group of us who hung out together... we had some things in common
We all LOVED Duran Duran,{still do:) } and we all had family relationships that were challenging.
{I had not seen one of the girls since we graduated,all the way back in 1988! and the other I had not seen in at least a decade}
It was lovely to catch up on the past--- but it got me to thinking,
do teens (now a days...) think that their family is "normal" ?
do they spend their time saying," You think that is bad, listen to this..."
are there families that raise their children, in a way that helps them,
to see why people sometimes treat family differently than they might a stranger?
All of us girls seemed to realize that our families-- helped to create the women that we have become-- if our families would of been perfect... then we might not be the women we are now.

All those challenges we had growing up helped us -- learn

  • to muti-task
  • to learn the power of being quiet
  • to learn to speak our needs with power and at times grace...
  • to show and to speak words of Love and encouragement to our loved ones.
  • To lean on OUR Father in Heaven.
  • to use humor and not become stuck in our ways...(hopefully!)
  • to accept the past as just the past-- and to hopefully move on and only use the past as a tool to help the future be brighter.

None of us graduated from college, but I do think that our life lessons were rich--

It was a good weekend, I am going to try to keep these friends closer than I have-- and I hope they realize how much they have meant to me.

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Anonymous said...

This is a very powerful post my girlfriend. As one of your other friends who values our history together I appreciate the impact you've had on my life as well. Thanks for being there after you hung with these ladies yesterday. I love you Stace. Yessssss...of course it's me.