Friday, August 14, 2009

Facebook and haircuts

I am guilty of getting my husband to spend time on the computer-- first I convinced him that he needed his own email-- (so that I could quit being his secretary)

Then I convinced him that he "needed" to be on Facebook,(to connect with family and old school friends) and then other people... shared with him their love for Mafia Wars...

Now our children... have absorbed all of this-- :} :{

Jessica's face is a bit swollen-- she has two canker sores on her checks-- we went to the Orthodontist yesterday and he said, lets see if we can keep the area clean and get the sores to heal over the weekend. So-- that is why she sounds a bit like Darth Vader...

I decided that I "needed" to cut Shane's hair -(We had recently tried to get him to the barber-- but we didn't push the issue) - so I did -- it wasn't my best job--- but at least now I can see his eyes and ears... Shane's first comment was --"I look like Daddy...I don't want to look like Daddy..." -- then tears...(for about 10 minutes) I got Shane to calm down a bit and then I said-- Honey, you have blue eyes--and you will always look like your Daddy--that is one of my most favorite things about you.

Today, he seems to be "over" the drama of the hair cut...

I do hope and pray that this drama about his personal appearance will lessen as he gets older! maybe I ought to invest in some knee pads?

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