Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer camp for kids with SPD

I'm on a mission--- I want to convince someone in my area
to start a Summer Camp for kids with SPD--
I received a flyer of one that is in Vancouver/Clark county and just happens to be $137.50 per week! ouch! (9:30am to 2:30pm)
Anyway.... my little brain started thinking -- where do OT, and PT's go during the summer... wouldn't they enjoy a less structured enviroment -- to work with kids in a more relaxed way?
and what about students who are learning how to interact with kids, maybe this would be a great way for them to get some one on one... hands on time with kids.
So, I asked my Big Brother for help.. how to write a proposal... and he suggested I get a ton of info about this topic... in my search
I found a book...
Raising a Sensory Smart Child,
by Lindsey Biel and Nancy Peske
(I think this title is a bit annoying... cause I think that until a kid understands that their senses are a bit wakco---how can they be smart about how they...use? interpret? them! )
Anyway... I plan on asking my trusty local library to get the book so that I can read it!
Maybe -- there are answers in it I haven't come across yet!

Do any of you have more ideas, how to motivate professionals for my cause?
Wanna help me create a group of people who think this is a GREAT idea?
Leave me a comment! Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, Stace, but most of the camp prices I know of are MUCH more than you quoted. Are there nearby non-profits that could pick-up this mission? Most of the therapists who work in the schools do so in order to have the summer off with their own families. Another place to inquire is a university with lots of young and eager potential 'volunteers'. You might check-out the (adaptive) PE program at OSU in Corvallis to get ideas on what can be done. All the best, Barbara