Thursday, July 23, 2009

Busy Days... ahead~

it's time for a busy next couple of days,

  • Jerry is off from work for the next 6 nights
  • Jessica goes to Salem for the weekend
  • I get to go to church at my cousins' church this weekend, yahooo.... same denomination- (4 square) but different people
  • Jessica gets to meet my friend Jayne who lives in Salem
  • Jerry's band has a show Saturday night, maybe Shane and I will go and watch
  • Friday is grocery day and the day that Jessica gets dropped off in Salem.
  • Tuesday Jerry is going golfing... and I think I might be taking my Dad to the airport

Yesterday was not the best day... and not the worse ... but I think that I am fooling myself when I think Shane can change his crashing behavior into hugging a pillow --- I think that it is time to just buy a weighted blanket or a weighted vest. I just really don't have a clue how or what to choose. I need some professional advice-- but of course that costs money I don't have... I wonder if I could get the insurance company to pay for the weighted vest or blanket?

I'm still thinking about the Summer Camp thing... heck... maybe I could create it as a group of parents all working together, learning from each other and helping each other... hummm... yeah.. I wanna but I am thinking my ideas are bigger than my abilities!~

My cousin,Jannet-- got most of our family on FaceBook, and I convinced my husband that he should be on there also-- he didn't quite understand why it was fun... but now he is ADDicted to Mafia Wars...I think it's funny that he was whining and complaining about me playing Farmtown and blogging, and now he is all about Mafia Was.. I even overheard him talking back to the computer!

I know that neither of us ..."really" need something new to spend our time on-- but I think that Facebook is "a better addiction" than others' I could mention! (I know I'm justifying... )

At least the heat is less today, although I hear that this weekend will be hot... again...

Oh, Joy!


Anonymous said...

Hey Stace! I think the cost of that camp sounds like a great deal. That's a very low price. It cost me way more than that when my children were the age of yours to go. Although it's kind of out of the way it sounds like. There is usually a day camp at the UofO for gifted kids during the summer and I do believe there are usually scholarships available as well. Something to check into. Also you should check with the talented and gifted program as they also keep track of the summer activities and camps for gifted children which have included camps regarding science etc and that include younger children. Although you may have missed out at this late date in the summer it still might be worth checking into. Hey, maybe you'll get some time off to come visit me while Jerry's not working??? I miss you. Me

mommyto3duckies said...

You could make a weighted sock pillow of your own. Take an old mens tube sock, have Shane decorate it with perm. markers or puffy paint, fill it with dried beans and rice, sew it closed. He can wear it around his neck or lay down and put it on his chest. Maybe??? Let me know if you think that might help.


Mama Sara said...

You can also take a backpack and put books in it and have Shane wear it. But the sock idea works just as well. We do both at school if all the weighted vests are gone.