Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Recent things~

We went camping for a day and a night at a group camping site, Horsecreek ~
It is a rather primitive campground-- there was only one "potty" and it happened to be a pit toilet, and other than the beautiful but fast and a bit noisy rushing river-- the only water source was a pump-- the old fashioned where one person pumps and the other holds the bucket.
There is a company called PYRO that rent out the whole campground, and then they have Jerry's band (Paradox) come and play --.
The people that camp, are very-- ummm in touch with Mother Earth, often teeth are not plentiful, and clothes-- who needs them?--
I like to think I am open minded but... when I see how these people act around each other and their children.. I realize that I may have my own reality and they -- have theirs'!
There were these two young guys... that wandered the campground -- one had an ipod and the other carried a Dewalt brand heavy duty "boom box"-- It was a funny thing to see--they were attached to each other- by the small black wire that went from the ipod to the boom box...
Both Shane and Jessica rode their bikes all around the campground and there were only a few minor meltdowns-- Jerry and I even got to spend about 45 minutes talking to another couple -- without our eyes on the kids-- what JOY!
Jessica has glow in the dark bands on her braces and so we put the flashlight in her mouth and then when we were getting ready to sleep in the tent she smiled-- so that we could see her braces-- I was to tired to find the camera...Shane called Jessica Frankenstein face-- and then Jessica said that wasn't nice.--
I asked to use our one and only cot to sleep on and I have to say, it really helped me get more rest than usual.-- My only worry was that in my hurry to get out of the cot (to go pee)
I might squish Jessica who slept next to me! -- Thankfully I didn't hurt Jessica, however the bugs-- they found us all -- I think that Jessica got bit the most.
The leader of our band...Lynn celebrated his birthday while we were camping and he even shared his coffee with Jerry and I -- Talk about nice people! yahhhoooo! It's the little things that help make the day go well!
I have some pictures of Shane and Jessica playing with other kids, but I want to get permission -- before I post them on here-- the kids were playing limbo with a stick--Shane was "in charge", funny things!
Although it was a nice trip coming home, cleaning up --
But then eating dinner at a friends' house was the BEST! It was four of us ladies, and we were treated to Homemade restaurant style lazyna, salad, french bread, watermelon and carrot cake. We even had wine-- There weren't any children or husbands' around. We talked about our kids, about camping and about the school year that has just ended. We all have kinders and so it will be interesting to see how next year goes for our kids-- with a new principal and a new teacher. I hear there might be some PTO changes -- and that would make me really happy!
This week Jerry is working 8 nights in a row and the kids will be with their grandparents' for the weekend, I have offered to do some sewing-- so I need to stop looking at this computer-- and start looking at the sewing machine and the iron!
I keep waking up in the morning and pinching myself... the kids are being good, Jerry and I aren't annoyed with each other and the weather is mostly nice-- WOW -- I am happy!


HennHouse said...

OK. Now I know what Horsecreek is (guess I should read in the order written not the order in my reader!!) And can I just say... you are SO BRAVE!! I'm not sure I could be convinced to go somewhere without a proper potty!

Anonymous said...

Aaah, Oregon! I miss it sometimes! Fabulous post, Stacey. And, YouTheWoman! for primitive camping! Reading about your happiness makes me happy, too! Barbara