Sunday, July 5, 2009

Awesome Fireworks pictures

Today, I love my camera ---
I took a TON of pictures last night at the Fireworks that we watched-- I have this really cool feature on my camera that takes AWESOME fireworks pictures...


HennHouse said...

Those are REALLY cool!

What kind of camera do you have?!

Three Loud Monkeys said...

Wow, those are great pics! I have a firework setting on my camera, too. Guess who forgot to use it this 4th? Nice.

I've been catching up on your posts. Looks like you've been having a blast, girl!;) Hope your sewing's going well. I'm cleaning my house for family that's coming into town...super ugh!!!

Get ready for a "couch chronicle" post some time soon...I've been working through some stuff, sister!;)