Friday, July 17, 2009

It's HOT here in Oregon!

Well, it's hot here in Oregon--- Oh, I know it's not as hot as say Texas, or Arizona-- but for those of us who call the Northwest home -- it's hot...
And so it seems that the fuse that each of us has -- is melting.... melting....
Up till now the kids have been, mostly nice to each other -- but today I have had to interrupt two fighting kids... and then listen to the aftermath..."Well, he bite me because he wanted me to stop reading my book... or She just didn't do what she was supposed to and I don't want to ever be her brother ever again..." (Should I be worried that the book Jessica is reading is called "How to speak dragonese?") Shane is upset and ...frustrated that he can't find HIS REMOTE to his TV that he plays the video games on... without the remote--no video games... (of course Shane is very verbal about the fact that he may never play video games again, and Mommy and Daddy and even sister must help to find the remote-- otherwise Shane will just not ever be happy again...) Shane --- asked me to watch The Wiggles -- DVD -- that we borrowed from the library twice--- I don't LIKE the Wiggles.... AT ALL ! Shane was happy... lucky him!

A friend of mine,Angela~ just had a baby, (Andrew) about 2 weeks early-- Mom and baby are at home-- and although yesterday the baby was a bit jaundiced -- they are fine. The mother-- likes to sew herself, but she hasn't had the time... so when I went over to meet the new baby boy... I ended up offering to create a nursing cover-- I came home and looked for a pattern on the Internet, then I shared the link with Angela-- then we had more discussion-- and we searched again on line.--- finally we found a cover that we liked--. (Busy Baby nursing wraps)
The hardest part of all of this was finding fabric that was not flannel, and not over the top, in your face baby... I ended up finding fabric I liked at Walmart-- but not in the bolts of fabric-- in the baby section I found 4 receiving blankets that I liked.
Late last night I took some fabric that I was going to use to cover the back of my very first quilt-- and I started cutting and sewing... I didn't have a model... so I had to sew and then go look in the mirror---Finally, I popped over to Angela's house and in between breast feeding and diaper changes--- we took what I had started with and with the help of the stapler-- we planned what I would do. (I forgot to take pins over-- so using the stapler worked just fine)
I thought I had it all figured out... but as I look at it this morning I can't figure out how to add the second fabric on the bottom-- so that when Mom is feeding baby and Mom are both covered. (Angela was thinking that if she likes the cover enough that she would just wear tank top and nursing bra under it...)
Did I mention that Angela suggested that I keep tweaking this design... and then think about making and selling these at a local re-sale shop?

Jerry just got done working 8 nights in a row.. then he had the last two nights off (off from work but there was still things that had to get done, eye appointment, Dr appt. a bit of fishing with Jessica, driving range to hit golf balls, bbqing dinner)--(Later this month he is competing for his work in a Golf tournament)
Tonight he goes back to work for 6 nights in a row-- I know that we need the $$ -- and that he is covering other peoples' vacation but geez... I would love to have a few days where we could just be a calm relaxed family. yeah right...

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And...don't forget there was mandatory karaoke for Jerry last night as well! Priorities woman!!!