Monday, July 20, 2009

I worry

I worry about my kids...
when I yell at Jessica to do a better job brushing her teeth, (yup--I yelled, and I am very very sorry-- I apologized to Jessica and to Shane-- because Shane was standing next to her holding the lamp so that I could see inside Jessica's mouth.)
I really don't know how to get the point across to Jessica -- she has a Herbst appliance and two expander's one on top and one on the bottom~ on the bottom of her mouth the gums are all around the expander --Which makes flossing extremely difficult--
When I have talked with the orthodontist they say more brushing, to the point of bleeding over a few days and that will get the gums to recede... This seems to be a typical issue for kids-- but still I worry.
Today, I decided to start something new, every three hours Jessica would be given a note,that says to brush her teeth for 5 minutes... I hope this helps!
Ideas? Suggestions?
-- I have spoken to Jessica and talked about why brushing is important-- but I don't think I am getting thru. I have threatened to take away things in her room, to ask the orthodontist to remove the braces-- all of these are really empty threats... but I am out of ideas. I would be willing to make a statement and stand by it... but I don't think that Jessica understands ..."why" I am so up-tight about brushing.
I worry that the H1N1 virus may be a concern for our family...
I worry that the West Nile Virus could become an issue.-- and while I know these are really ... not things to be worried about -- they still weigh heavy in my mind.
I remember when Jessica was a year old, she had finally gotten on to the regular growth charts, we were no longer on the premiee charts-- I asked the Dr's if she was "somewhat typical"(because I knew that she would never be ...really typical)
and the Dr said, Yes... parent her as you would any of your kids-- she'll be fine.. Shortly after this Jessica got E coli... ---
My lesson in all of this is-- trust your gut... That day when we went to the fair--- Jerry did not want to go... he even made all kinds of requests about how we would behave while we were at the fair--- my husband is very laid back and so this was VERY different for him. We didn't touch the animals-- or even look at them and yet-- Jessica still got sick.
I know that small things can be huge things.... and so I worry.

We went to church yesterday, Jerry was home sleeping after working 13hours... We had not been to church in a while-- with being out of town, not having the gas, and sickness.-- It had been at least a month since we had been at church--
I felt so responsible for not making more of an effort to go to church, but on the other hand-- staying home seemed to work well for what was happening at home. I dropped Shane off in his classroom, and I let Jessica stay in his class.. she loves to be with the younger kids-- not just to be around Shane and help... if needed, but I think she just enjoys playing and interacting with the younger kids. The teacher is this really great 20something young girl... she is smart and focused, and really great at listening. In the past when she was a helper I would give her pointers about my kids-- the best ways to get a positive response. --- This girl, young woman... is AWESOME.
I went to the sanctuary and got to be with my sister-in-law and sing some worship songs, then they asked if I would come and help in the classroom... Shane's teacher wanted an extra set of eyes and I think that she asked for my help... I said, sure... even though I really wanted to be in the sanctuary-- I got to the classroom and all the kids were so happily playing that I just stood around and talked with the teacher---
I was surprised and happy when....

The teacher turned off the light and said, everybody line up it's time to go to Worship-- all the kids lined up without fighting,pushing or shoving... and my son... said, "Why are you here?---(he had finally noticed me) The teacher looked at me and smiled, then she said, "Well, Shane, are you sure you can behave? " Shane said, "Yes, and you go now Mom!" I was happy to leave and let my son.... behave without my help!
(Even though Shane was a bit loud and demanding in his tone... I figured to not let the volume or intensity be an issue!)
Ah, Joy!
After church I was overjoyed to hear that Shane did JUST FINE --
I rewarded my son with multi colored and multi flavored twizzlers.
-- then when I start catching up on my blog reading-- ...

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and I realize my worries, are for naught
they are only as big as I make them--
and I need to just learn to let go, and simply... Let God.

Please leave comments-- they help me to figure out stuff!


Anonymous said...

Hey girl...I think you figured it all out on your own. Let GOD! Sometimes we just have to go through the process...I love you. Guess who!

Three Loud Monkeys said...

OK, so first the brushing teeth idea if this will help, but we went through a spell of tough brushing times with Pumpkin and all it finally took was one photo session with Pumpkin and Hubs on the computer using Google and "rotten teeth" images. Man, the girl has those images burned into her brain and now reminds us that it's time to brush. Maybe a bit harsh, but we were stumped and totally up against the wall.

As far as worry goes, girl, email me or comment on the bloggo and let me know if you've done Beth Moore's Esther study. She had a session in there on fear and it changed me FOREVER! I mean I am a new person and God used her to help free me from a very long walk of fear and worry. I still struggle, but when I do, I just remember her words and His truth and I breath a bit easier. So, if you haven't done it, let me know and we'll chat! Sorry so long. I hear ya, buddy. Hope you're having a good day!

Trish said...

Would telling her that it has to be done, so if she doesn't do it properly you will do it for her, be motivating??

Today when my son wasn't cooperating, I set the timer for 30 minutes and started it. I then told him he was using up his computer time for later now. Never seen him move so fast in my life to get me to stop the timer!

BTW, I wanted to thank you for your input on my dilemma today; I really appreciated it. Trish @ 5MFSN