Thursday, July 9, 2009

Big Weekend ahead~

So, tomorrow I will drop the kids off with my parents for the weekend ~
I do hope that I have all "me ducks in a row..."
quack... quack...swack...quack...
I created a letter that gives permission to my parents for the kids to receive Emergency care.
(After I called and begged my dear cousin Elizabeth to remind me what antibiotic Jessica and one of her sons' is allergic to...)
I listed the medication they are taking, and when. I listed their diagnosis--
Jessica already sent a letter of the things she likes to eat, and things she doesn't-- I included a letter about Shane's food likes and dislikes.
Later this evening I will have Shane help me choose and pack his clothes, Jessica has already packed her bag.
I hope they have fun,
I hope they behave,
I hope they make lovely memories,
I hope they don't get hurt or sick...
I bet my parents' think that I am over-reacting but-- I like to error on the side of caution.

I just hope I can get a little R&R in while they are away-
It's grocery day and I have sewing that I have promised to work on...
My dear husband will sleep during the days while the kids are gone...
I can have a party in the evenings.... but I bet I will just be happy to have the quiet~:)


mommyto3duckies said...

Enjoy the peaceful quietness while it lasts!

Anonymous said...

No way will you enjoy the peaceful quiet the entire time! You gotta come to karaoke cause it's soooo quiet. Just for me! Guess who! I looooove you!