Friday, June 5, 2009

The Zoo

First let me say that a lot of prayer happened before this trip to the Zoo...

first I prayed that we(Shane and I) could go, then I prayed that I would behave...myself... then I prayed that I wouldn't loose my patience... then I prayed that I would have guidance in using my tongue...

Finally... I prayed for God's will be done!

God... well he rocks!

It wasn't a bad trip, but it wasn't all sunshine and roses-- Shane only really had about 4 moments that could of became time-outs...

I wanted to take a picture of the teacher and Shane...

She didn't want me to--

she said, "Yeah, right then you would use it to throw darts at! "

(She read my mind...!)I did get a picture of her~

Even though the animals looked sad and lonely, all caged up and behind glass...not to mention un-happy with the off and on rain~

It was a mostly fun trip, none of the kids got lost, although one of the girls' lost a tooth during lunch... I really hate being female while at a huge Zoo -- without enough bathrooms to go around!

It was wonderful to be home and have dinner made, -- and then strawberries,fat free whipped cream,a bit of sugar-free Carmel sauce, and fat free Angel food cake! Ah, Joy! (The two glasses of wine helped me to see things better also!)

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Bethany said...

I know that this was a big trip for Shane, and for you, and that there was so much preparation in prayer (and battle) that went into it. I am thrilled to hear that he behaved so well - trust me, only 4 possible potential time out moments on a zoo field trip is wonderful from any child his age!! When we took kids Kindergarten to 5th grade last summer from the day camp I worked at to the zoo there were plenty of time outs for every age group, and several children lost the right to go on the next field trip. I am also pleased that it sounds like his teacher behaved herself, and she is somewhat aware of the fact that perhaps she has been just a wee bit rough on Shane this year (note sarcasm). Darts would be therapeutic...and good fine motor skills practice for Shane to improve hand writing, and sustained attention, and other such skills LOL I totally know what you mean about there never being enough women's bathrooms - I have gone into the mens room before because there was no line and, well, I had to go. I gave warning to cover what they did not want seen. :) It is even more annoying now that with my chair I have to wait for the one and only handicap stall, which people seem to think is designed for the convenience of anyone. It sounds like you had a great dinner to make up for a stressful, but rewarding and hard earned day at the zoo!!