Monday, May 18, 2009

This Monday was GOOD!

~ I started my day worried that Shane wouldn't have a good day
and I was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There was a guest teacher when I dropped him off, and Shane was annoyed that he didn't get to play for a few minutes with his bike and rider while we waited for the classroom to be open... Because this guest teacher had the room open and ready for the kids to come in! I took a few moments and talked with her about the new correction plan that we have in place-- she had already read it and was on-board and willing to use it. She took my phone # down just in case--
The phone never rang! Hallelujah!
When I got to the school to pick up Shane, he was a part of the class running across the playground to "ditch" his lunch and then he got to play at recess for with the other kinders!
While he was playing I got to touch base with Bruce, our professional Behaviorist(this is just my title for Bruce)-- and also the guest teacher -- Both had very positive things to say about Shane and -- also suggestions for me... about Shane hugging other's--
In the past the teacher has said that Shane is only allowed to hug teacher and not the students... because he can sometimes turn a hug into a tackle... (it sounds like the teacher isn't fond of enthusiasm!)
Bruce, suggested that the other students should be taught to say, STOP and hold up a hand if they do not want a hug-- and if Shane still tries to hug~ then they can say I need bubble space~
I LOVE this idea! I can use this at home, at school -- wherever and it doesn't sound like a correction but like a re-direct!
I also got a complement from a staff person -- she was so happy to finally connect me with Shane-- she was happy to mention that Shane has come a long way-- and that she can't wait to see how much better his behavior can get! She had a child herself with issues similar to Shane and so she really understood that he has great things underneath his behaviors!
Ah, the Joy.... the simple pure joy !


Anonymous said...

I knew it was that miss piggy nun..... sorry....was that not PC? I love you Stace! I'll just never get that picture out of my head you know.

HennHouse said...

Awesome! What a great report!