Thursday, February 12, 2009

This Evening and prayers

It's a typical night here in Oregon, as I sit here and type I listen to the rain on the sky light in the kitchen, I hear Jessica and Shane singing to themselves, as they get comfortable to sleep.

And I am simply Thankful- that I have a wonderful home life-- sweet kids and a husband that works hard to provide for our family.
Earlier I tucked Shane in he said that he wanted to sell teddy bears when he grows up because, "he just loves teddy bears!" His voice had such emotion in it-- like that little boy on the Disney commerical that just can't sleep-- because he is so excited.

Jessica is struggling getting used to her Herbst appliance-- it is like having two mini shock absorbers in your mouth-- she can open and close her mouth-- but side to side movement is against the rules. While at dinner tonight she was trying to drink her milkshake (wheat germ,key lime yogurt,banana, vanilla ice cream,and applesauce)and small cubes of ham--
I looked over at her and asked if she was okay-- her answer was
"Mommy I'm just so exausted!"
I have to say that this whole idea of braces is WAY more than I had imagined--
It will be money,time and energy well spent,
but at this moment I am trudging along
in the deep mire of "are we done yet?"
I am praying tonight for a Mother(Kristi) I know who is dealing with a parenting issue-- I pray that God lifts her up and gives her the wisdom she needs to create a positive answer to her dilemma.
I am also praying for another Mother,(Joann) who gave to others and now is in pain-- Lord please come and fill her up with your healing spirit.
I am praying for a new friend of mine,(Bethany) who is a smart,wacky-- lovely person -- who just happens to be dealing with lots of medical issues. She is a strong person and normally very independent-- but currently all the medical stuff is sucking away her strength. Lord, please be with her and Lord guide her to the help she needs, Lord please let her humor shine thru and let others see her heart and in turn may people go the extra mile to help her.
Shane had a great day at school, and I am praying that tomorrow goes smoothy-- I know there are special Valentine things planned and I hope my dear sweet boy-- keeps focused on his calm still green card body!
Hummm... I just realized it will be Friday the 13th!
Gosh, I just pray and hope that won't matter one bit!

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hennhouse said...

Did Shane do it? Did he get the green card?