Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eating with a Herbst appliance

So, Jessica my dear, sweet 2nd grader just got a Herbst appliance in.

Poor thing, she says it doesn't hurt, and she doesn't seem to be in pain--

but eating is a huge challenge.

I have applesauce,jello,yogurt,bananas and smoothie makings on hand.

(I plan on sneaking in some wheat germ and possibly some baby rice cereal.)

She was such a good patient, calm and still-- the only comment --

was for her to stop talking so that the staff could explain stuff !

Shane did say focused on the MAC computer that had a game on it-- but so much so that I just had to barrel carry him out -- to the car.

However...Shane did have a good day at school today he got 112 points out of 120!!!!! he also earned a reward at school-- motor cross video- and then he came home and got to play Battleship on-line!

I knew Jessica was getting braces, and this appliance, but I really didn't know that I would be having to turn the thingamajig inside Jessica's mouth-- both on the top and the bottom--

But,then I read about so many of you Mom's and Dad's out there who have to do tube feedings,catheters, and so many other medical things.--- I c an do this... I c an!

Any suggestions?

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hennhouse said...

Yes. Yes, you can. How is she doing now? How much do you have to turn each day? Is she able to concentrate at school?