Monday, February 16, 2009

Professionals and prayers

There are some really AWESOME people (S. and C) who are apart of the team to help Shane at school--- they go the extra mile-- they call just to touch base-- and ask how things are--
I am ever so grateful, for these professionals -- and the super job they do.

Shane has had a GREAT weekend, and Jessica is getting better at eating -- tonight she even managed to eat a whole slice of homemade pizza.

A moment ago my cell phone rang, the gentlemen on the other end asked how I was, and what was I doing--- he realized I wasn't who he thought---then he confessed he thought he had dialed his Mother! LOL I laughed and said, Well, sorry I'm not your mother! I then wished him Good Luck! I thought it was funny~ but then people tell me I am easily amused...

I have a funny video that I will post of Shane on Facebook-(later this evening)--
since blogger won't let me... come visit me at FaceBook!

Sending some prayers out to the Hennhouse!

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