Sunday, February 15, 2009

Answers and more~

Brandon, my eldest step-son the pregant mother of his child,
Sorsha enjoying a Messy Sunday on Valentines' Day at The Roadhouse.
While we were at the Frontier Fair-- Shane thought these cannons were just cool not to look at closer-- and I thought the picture of a boy with the flag, and a cannon was to "American" to pass up.
Let's see, you commenter's are so sweet-- I guess it's time I answer some questions?
Yup, my dear husband goes fishing as often as his schedule will allow-(I used to like fishing, when I was young -- but now I would rather not) Jerry works 4 days on 4 days off... 12 hour days -- there never seems to be enough time- to do the things that need to be done and also the things we want to do!

If you are able hop over to my Facebook page and look at the video of Miss Jessica and her mouth... it is kind of funny!
I have another video I took this weekend of Jessica learning how to basket weave at a Frontier fair we visited this weekend. Hopefully I will post that one also. Here is some of the hand made baskets -- they were super expensive-- but the craftsmanship was painstaking!~
(Blogger won't let me post video... I am not sure why... I wonder if this super slow dial-up is the reason?)
Shane has been doing very well at school ~ Friday, he got 114 points on his green card out of 120! And there were even special things happening!
The staff member that is working with him, has been using more PECS with him and that seems to be really helping. He really likes to know what exactly is next.
Today at church he was able and willing to go to the other classroom to sing Worship songs and not argue,kick and fight! There was even a different teacher--- I am so happy that he is being so good I ... have to confess I am a little nervous.

Tomorrow the kids and Jerry are home-- which is good and bad-- good that the kids can spend some time with Dad... but Bad... because they will want me to be with them doing whatever--- and I want to have some alone time to clean and organize the house...
If I could only clone myself~everyone might be happy?
I like Jello really I do--- I just don't like it spilt all over my fridge!
I also like the fact that Shane has figured out how to wipe--- I just wish I could convince him that the used toilet paper goes in the toilet -- not the trash can. ewwww--- sorry TMI.

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