Friday, November 7, 2008

Tough Times

It has been a long,emotional week for Shane and I
I finally got to have the parent- teacher conference with Shane's teacher.
I know that my son is a difficult child, but I also know that he is smart and sweet and funny~
It never fails to AMAZE me, that parent- teacher conversations are mainly about the negative~
It hurts my heart that I cannot change my son's behavior when he is at school, it also frustrates me -- that his behavior at home seems to be getting worse.
It even hurts to hear my son complain at night while in bed
" that his life is just not good -- and I never get to have 15 stars or smiley faces everyday-- "
{he is currently attempting to get
a smiley face every day and also
15 stars for
"good appropriate behavior"}
His teacher and I decided that Shane might do better, as would the class if he was only in the classroom for an hour and a half each day---
And while I think this is a good thing for the class--
it has been so very hard for Shane and I --

I have spent time on the phone with many people, trying to get help
in -- how Shane is perceived --
Next Friday, is the meeting for the 504 plan-- and although I think that will be a GREAT thing,
I am still scared-- that the plan will be created-- but that the plan will not be enough---

I am tired of asking again and again for help, and being told that we-- Shane and I need to see a counselor-- and also that because Shane is achieving a normal or better level in academics that he really doesn't NEED -- help.
In short--
His behaviors, just need to change. I agree that his behaviors need to change-- but I don't know how much more communication I can provide.


Kristi said...

I could have written this word for word last year. I hope you guys are able to find what works. I have spent so much time this year wishing that Noah's kindergarten teacher would see him now and apologize for the negativity she sent toward me last year about him. These little boys SO need the support of a good teacher to feel the success that fuels good behavior. Many hugs being sent your way.

hennhouse said...

You know Shane better than his teacher. You've worked with him for SO MANY years. Do not allow the nine months (or so) that he spends in her classroom to undo all of the work you've already done. Maybe smiley faces and stars and stickers are not the right motivation for him. Maybe, because he is so bright, he needs something different. That the typical is not good enough for a non-typical child.

Praying for you.

Email if you need to vent or whatever.

Love you.

mommyto3duckies said...

I agree with *henhouse* above. You are the one who lives and breathes for your son ( and for your whole family) You know what he needs more than anyone else. Praying for all of you to see The LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.

Anonymous said...

Stacey! You soooo should have made a phone call to me that was more urgent! YOU are just as important to me as is Shane even though you know where I was! I'm sorry I haven't been there for you this week! I still think you should change his teacher and class. What happened to that? I love you! Me