Sunday, November 9, 2008

Post #260!

Number 260~ wow who would of thought that I had that much to say?~
(ask my friends' and family-- they know I'm not one to be "quiet"!)

My husband is from a family of hunter/gathers --- Most hunt, and gather stuff(aka junk)
I am also from a family of hunter/gathers-- However, I hunt for more fabric,and craft ideas-- I also have a ..."need" to gather all my stuff near me often...
This week my husband came home with a hunted thing--- and Although I am proud that he got what he wanted, I am not interested in posting a picture of it-- I don't even want to see or...smell it.
(I am going to have to cook it soon ~ I hope I can deal with it by then)
The strange thing about this is-- that my daughter is completely interested in the whole topic-- she likes the smell,the telling again and again of the hunt-- she is just ...simply her father's daughter.
ah, the horror of it all! ~ the joy of her wanting to be just like her Daddy~

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Anonymous said...

Well, I hope it's not a nutria...Ha! Also, perhaps your daughter will be a biologist or a doctor or something along that line. Wow! That would be coooool! Again.... guess who!