Friday, November 21, 2008


I found a lovely post at Rock's in My Dryer that led me to a lovely blog,
Please go and see~~ bring your Kleenex and write a letter! I did, and I'm still crying-- happy tears!

Days of memories--

I have an odd Wedding story---
My husband and I like to to celebrate it as a three day event...
We got married at the courthouse-- our flowers were from a grocery store-- I wore a deep purple, short dress-- We only had a few people come-- since we planned it in about a week.
When they brought out the license to sign -- they had spelled my ..."maiden name" wrong-- so they created the license again-- this time they got the number day and the date of the event wrong!
So, this week is our multi-day anniversary-- !
I'm happy, my house is a mess, I weigh more than I should,
but Jerry the kids and I are happy.

And that enough! Ah, the Joy's

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hennhouse said...

you are so right... that is enough.

blessings to you and your happy brood this evening!!