Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It was a GREAT day!

I wish I could have a day like yesterday --- at least once a week!

It was a great day, my husband came home from 4 nights camping and hunting-- although he was empty handed-- he was happy (as were the kids and I)~

Shane got 15 stars at school and a smiley face! yahhhhhhhhhhhoooooooo!!!! (Although~ at this point the teacher is just giving him a pass... but-- I think this will help Shane to see that he can do all the things we are asking-- )

I took Shane to our regular Dr. and found out that his cough is Asthma--- she gave us some puffers-- and last night at bed time I heard ZERO coughing! Oh, what Joy! I also talked with her about my the teacher and school--- she was stunned that the school was trying to keep Shane in the same classroom.(She thought it was time to switch teachers also!)

Jerry and I used a gift card to celebrate our Anniversary early last night....
We went to the Outback ~ normally this would of scared me silly--
{Shane doesn't always do well in nice restaurants-- Mc'd's is more his style.} But last night,.... Oh, the Joy! We all got complemented by the wait staff--- Shane was beyond cute, and polite---
We let him bring his Battleship game in and he was very happy to explain all about the game to any who would listen--- !!
Not only did he eat his dinner, he was willing to share ! Jessica was so happy, she kept a hold of my arm during dinner, I think we were all so very happy to be together and enjoying good food!
And then we saw a dear friend of ours,Randy-- that we haven't seen in a long time~
Randy and his partner Daryl also have a great Photography Studio-
called Special Touch Photography
These guys really are very artistic and motivated to create a wonderful photo experience for you.
Sorry.... I just felt the need to give them some free advertising!~

So, anyway it was a great day and I only hope that today will be awesome also!

How about you ?


Kristi said...

What a good feeling after a great day.

Anonymous said...

I keep telling you to get that second opinion. I love your doctor! She always concurs with me. Also, now that you are treating his asthma Shane will probably feel better and perhaps that was part of his problem with behavior as well!?! Good work Mom!