Monday, October 20, 2008

Learning more and more

**Edited-- I fixed the link for the Therapressure protocol, but I have no clue why the other link won't work, my apologies! ***

I am learning new things... and oh, the things I am learning!

I am learning that I thrive on positive information-- I am willing and interested to learn things I might need to work on but--the positive information FIRST is BEST!

I am learning that I am not...NUTS! --- I may be a little impatient with the public school system-- but that does not mean that I need my head examined at this moment in time!

I am learning Therapressure protocol at
is very interesting--

I am learning that
is a great place to see most of Shane's issues listed!

I also learned that when your monitor dies-- as mine recently did--
if you go to the Goodwill and happen to find a VERY helpful teen -
- you can in FACT--- purchase a monitor for only $7.50 ! YAhoooo!!

I also learned that when sewing---
if you are using a multi-size pattern that you don't want to cut--
you can instead put paper towels under the pattern
and then mark with a marking pen-- that will mark the pattern for you on the paper towel--!

Did you VOTE yet?
I did, but sadly I think that my vote and my husbands' vote cancel each other out!


hennhouse said...

So funny!! I'm looking forward to reading the sprial foundation web site. And praying better for your precious Shane!

Barbara said...

Uhm, Stacey? The links aren't working. You need to learn that, Hon. Just saying.