Saturday, September 27, 2008


Slurping Life

I like to "think" that I have an eye towards the unique and different---
Maybe, that's because my family is ...left and right of almost normal!
My grandparent's used to have a hotel and restaurant supply store--
here are some sample things from the store---
I guess you could call this folk art pictures?
or pics from the past? ---
I just like the retro colors and the shapes --


Meg said...

Oh, cool little doo-dads! Great for a family scrapbook! Thanks for sharing them!

Sandi said...

Awesome memorabilia! Those swizzle sticks are cool!! I love the ones with the figures on top. The key tabs are neat too...trying to remember the last time I stayed in a hotel/motel where you had an actual key :-)

melody is slurping life said...

I LOVE the colors...we were on the same photo wave length this weekend. The swizzle sticks topped with figures are fun!

Mandaroo said...

Colorul fun collections. I bet they bring up wonderful memories!

Maggie said...

How fun -- those swizzle sticks are awesome!

Rachel said...

The first picture reminded me of that childhood game of "pick up sticks" :) What a fun variety!

Julie said...

Cool! I especially liked the last picture. Those are really neat! :)

Frogs' mom said...

Cool collections especially with the family history!

My great grandparents owned a drygoods store in a tiny, tiny town. They had sold the store by the time I was around - but we kids loved to go into their basement and snoop through the remaining inventory items - always treasures to be found :0)