Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WALL-e, and Therapy Pictures-

Jerry the kids and I braved the Mall--- We decided to check out the movie WALL-e --- and I have to say we really enjoyed the movie. {While we were waiting for the movie we let the kids play in the Mall's play area-- and Shane made a friend of a sweet girl who was 9-- and just happened to be Autistic ! There were many different kids to play with,....but Shane and this girl were like magnets--- Simply amazing! Her mom was fun to talk with -- we shared some of the same complaints !

Here are some pictures from Shane's Therapy Sessions

Shane has to take the shapes and put them on the board to match, since the shapes are plastic-- it can be upsetting ~~that the shapes don't stay where you put them.

Working on balance --- the pillow he is standing on is like an old water bed liner but instead of being filled with water, it's filled with air.

Here, Shane takes a break on a HUGE pillow with assorted foam pieces in it.

Therapy seems to be going well,
but getting there on time and leaving when it's time
--- those things are VERY tough for us.
Recently, I received a few emails that ----made me stop and re-think how I view my life.
I thought I cut and pasted them-- but alas, I was wrong--- AGH!

I will finish this and try .,.,try again...!

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hennhouse said...

I just love when therapy is going well. Great photos!