Friday, August 8, 2008

Busy week plus--pneumonia-- Looking for Joy!

My dear husband has been sick lately,
The other night I thought one of the kids was crying, when it was only Jerry wheezing...
So, I begged and complained, -- I even cajoled him-- Finally --he went to the Dr.
[I told him he had pneumonia,cause I am Mom... and I happen to know ALL--cough,cough ]--- and the Dr. was even nice enough to confirm my diagnosis!
Although, he is now home from work for a WHOLE WEEK! I love my dear hubby I do, but with him home, the kids home, --- I will have my hands full of stuff!
Oh, and Shane is all done with EEP, which makes me sad and emotional-- I will sincerely miss Laura,Ivy, Jenny and their willingness to treat me and mine with love and care!
This week we have therapy,I might have to go to court,plans to create the 504 plan for Shane,Jessica has two dentist appointments, one a regular check-up and then also a consultation about braces-
Oh and then on Friday we go camping with my Mom's side of the family and I finally get to meet my nephew, Miles!
busy ...Busy---

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hennhouse said...

Oh WOW you're busy!

I'll be praying!