Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Only,Just a glimmer of Hope

I try to be organized --so when Dr.Roberts asked me to contact Therapy Solutions for Kids
I did, but then I also looked at our insurance plan to see if it was covered--
Praise the Lord...
I talked with the people today and they said that they use codes
that equal a neurological disorder
not-- a learning disability or a developmental delay (which our insurance doesn't cover~)
++++I don't as a mother, Understand why insurance would not cover this type if issue-- I would think that the insurance company would want to keep a person's quality of life as it's primary goal--(If you are happy and you know it--)I must be confused-
- Are all insurance companies in it for the $$ and not for the people???++++
Although, we are making progress on the paper work side of things, our home life has become more challenging--- Shane choosing to ignore boundaries-- and he doesn't seem to be in the moment with Me, or anyone-- And even my daughter (who is normally helpful and sweet) has been making some bad choices lately--
I wonder if it's because he hasn't been to school for a while...(although he goes back today!!!!!)
I don't know -- but I am praying that I get some new tools from the Therapy people-- I know I need them!
We celebrated out Fourth of July with some good friends of ours'-
We hoped by having a small celebration that would help Shane see the beginning,middle and end--
We were wrong...
Shane and Jessica went to stay with my dear,sweet sister-in-law for Saturday night -- Jerry picked them up Sunday morning and then we all ended up at church-- Aunt Danni shared with me that Shane was very upset -- that the fireworks were still happening-- and he was going to miss them and his room ~ his whole summer was going to be ruined... ---
Just to mention a few of his complaints--
His complaints seem very over the top, and I almost want to laugh about them, but then I also see in his face-- how important they are to him.-- What a dilemma -- I really can't treat these comments with humor-- that would only increase his discomfort--and I do try to reassure him, nothing I ever say seems to be enough!

Ah, well-- two steps forward and one to a side!~
(hey, isn't that a line dance?)


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I hear ya about the insurance companies. Don't get me started on a tangent!

Childlife said...

Sure, I'll join you for a round -- we do the two-step often around here ;)

Jules said...

Sometimes you just have to laugh on the inside and hug them on the outside.